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    i like essey too

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    Public speaking

    In the world of letters and eloquence, written literature performs very well, but one should not leave aside the oral addresses which are part of the world's cultural heritage for their construction, their impact on the world, and the message that 'they return. Speeches are therefore as important as texts.
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    Speech and its characteristics
    Writing and delivering a speech is no easy task, but with practice, it can be done!

    A speech is a text delivered in front of an audience. The speaker is referred to as the speaker and those who listen constitute the audience. Most often, the purpose of the speech is to convince and / or persuade. Convincing consists of sharing a point of view by addressing the reasoning, reflection, logic of the recipient.

    Persuading aims to gain the support of the recipient by addressing their affectivity. If there is a writing style specific to speech, there is no such thing as a standard speech. Each speech must be written according to the context and the objectives set by the subject. It is first necessary to specify the framework in which the speech is delivered. The subject generally indicates that the speech is delivered on a certain occasion, in front of a certain type of audience.
    We must then take these data into account: if the subject does not specify these circumstances, it will be in our interest to imagine them and integrate them into the subject to give the discourse a stronger anchoring, in reality, a greater probability.

    Depending on the subject, the speech fulfills a particular function. The content must correspond to this aim. So we must ask ourselves questions:
    Is this an encouragement?
    Is this a wish?
    Is this a denunciation or a warning?
    Is this a commemorative speech?

    The rules of the oratory genre
    Writing a speech requires respecting writing constraints. The first is to show the involvement of the speaker. Concretely, this consists of:
    Include the marks of the utterance: pronouns, possessive adjectives of the first person,
    Arrange the indices of space and time which situate the utterance to the speaker
    Use the modularization procedures: the speaker evaluates what he says by situating it in the domain of the probable (it will perhaps happen one day that ...), of the desirable (if all the countries of the world managed to agree ..), of doubt (it seems that it is not for today ...), of certain,
    Inscribe the marks of subjectivity, in particular in the use of a vocabulary that is rewarding (which praises) or depreciating,
    Show the presence of a recipient.

    The objective of the speech
    Speaker involvement Marks of enunciation, indices of space and time, modularization processes, subjectivity, the recipient.

    The different types of speech
    The art of public speaking is not given to everyone: it takes courage and above all a lot of preparation!

    In the first sense, it is a speech given in court to defend someone. By extension of meaning, a plea is a speech that consists in defending a right, a cause, a principle, an opinion, the plea belongs to the genre of praise.

    The indictment
    In the first sense, it is a speech given in court to accuse someone. By extension of meaning, an indictment is a discourse that consists of criticizing, denouncing, sanctioning (using arguments) a social reality, an institution. The indictment relates to the genre of blame.

    Ways to start a speech in a powerful way

    Speeches are not reserved for CEOs, on the contrary! Each of us can, one day, present a project to his team, explain the operation of his factory to a client, (re) motivate his collaborators… or even marry his son! So how do you speak powerfully and positively?

    Ask a direct question of those listening to you.
    This is called the “Bettger method”. This question can be: “ Did you know that…” or “Has it ever happened to you…” or “Did you notice that…”. Doing so will immediately engage and capture the attention of your interlocutor or listeners.

    Tell a personal, funny, or touching anecdote.
    You can start your speech with: “When I got here…” or even “Last year something funny happened to me…”. You will thus begin your words by confiding something "personal", which will establish certain connivance with your listeners.

    Stimulate the imagination of your listeners.
    Simply by starting your speech with “Imagine…”, as in “Imagine that you are at your desk and that…”. The whole thing is, once again, to tell a story. This method works very well to make a business presentation original, for example.

    Give numbers!
    It is always said that numbers speak louder than words… and this is often true! Be careful, however, not to drown your listeners in a deluge of numbers, because they will not retain them if there are too many! You have to know how to choose the one that will have the best impact.

    Stay on the page.
    It is thus very effective to rely on current events to begin your speech: “Have you seen, lately, that…” or even “We are currently talking a lot about…”. Thus, the listener remains firmly anchored in the present moment.

    Wait for the silence.
    It is useless to work on the content of your speech if you spoil your effects by starting to speak in the hubbub. Moreover, the speaker who waits for complete silence before speaking often captures the attention better than the one who whispers “Excuse me!” without conviction!

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    CM do someting with those spammers, i got into the dark web in 3 clicks

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    Don't worry about the darkness mate, SUBA games is already one step into the dark web.
    Klya - AS 10x

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