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Thread: The oath to nowhere.

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    Default The oath to nowhere.

    It's been a year i started playing in this game.
    I had been welcomed in Fusion, i've made friends in Fusion,
    for certain reasons i left Fusion. I made friends in Afterglow,
    i made friends in my guild. I made friends outside mine guild.

    I played with many, i've laughed with many, i've lost many,
    more and more players i've close in my heart i've seen disappear.
    Many of mine guildies, members of fusion, members of afterglow i've seen
    disappear, closing their chapter.

    As long as i had targets, together with my grinding budy NBLeo i could
    keep going. Now after several months of being 100 my faith is starting to
    disappear. The faith for new challenges, new maps, new dungeons.

    When i look to my characters each day at the moment it's mostly out of habbit,
    i don't construct anything on the field anymore, i don't do my dailies anymore.
    i feed them and am waiting, waiting for change. And sometimes i hunt some bosses
    for accesoires but mostly for old time sake. It reminds me of the struggles i had
    to overcome to be able to hunt them. By now these struggles seem pointless as
    the competition long ago we've had are long gone. Just a few hunters among us left.

    I hope sincerly this month things will bring change, else i don't think i'll last
    another month.

    Because likely when i close my clients i'll not be in the mood to say goodbye.
    I'll say ahead i won't say goodbye.

    Some things normally are said going away. I want to say them now while i'm still around.

    For the ones present or not anymore amongst us.
    TigreZcape u were the 1st whom gave me a chance. Thank u for that.

    Glastonbury u took me hunting, u brought me the love for it in this game. I stil miss u.

    Mirumo: u always wanted boxes when i was still in fusion, i never understood, i later did.
    Thanx to u i came in position to rise. Thanx.

    Harlequin+Diane: Back in the fusion days u already were my chatties. Later when i had left, we lost
    sight of each other till we met again in leo's party. We grinded up a long while as a nice team we had back then.
    Later u 2 waved goodbye but still are missed.

    Tholits, my never quick but always happy chat friend, where did u go.

    Lace, without u the game never have felt the same again, i still miss your rain
    on the chats. U kept the world alive and my gameheart beating.

    Toughy, i've loved u, i've hated u, i've liked u, i've disliked u. All together
    u gave me very much emotions in this game. And strangly said maybe, cause of that
    u pulled me more into this game then many others. Thank u for pushing my love for this game.

    Rindou: U catched me when i started seeking outside fusion, i've always been welcome
    in your mids. We've had fun together, strived together, grinded together, hunted together. And back in the old days u always asked if u could train with my team .
    U as leo have been 1 of my stable factors in the game. In current days u're my oldest
    stability in the game left. Wouldn't have known in some days without the chats with u if my game would have stayed alive enough to still play now. Thank u for all the love.

    Le Fae's:Cozy oddballs, u 2 suprised me long ago, hardly any gear and still the levels
    u had, in some u 2 were the onces whom played this game in gore mode and won.

    Sataniel:My 1st guildie together with Sparx. U brought many nice conversations and game time, thou u left came back and we picked up again, then suddenly u were gone again.
    I've u in my heart.

    Sparx:Full of idealogy, strive, but sadly beaten by the bugs. U also have been missed.

    Grego:The one i treated wrong (wrong guild master descision) and forgave me. Thank u for that.

    Metonawty: u were one of the new era, the era after the portal bug. U were my steady feet inside the guild, suddenly u were gone to never return. I still wonder if all is well.

    SpottyOne: i think u actually started playing before me but still it was at a late time u joined our guild. U've been a steady factor for many.

    Falter: u never spoke that much, but i always was happy with u being around.

    Harukki: kinda following my own road about the game. The multi keeps u busy, and it helps to keep fun in the game a time longer. Often with joyfullness in the chat. Thank u for being u.

    Sultry: your newly join gave the guild some boost, u motivated several to do stuff again.

    Sween: we liked u, where did u go.

    Aromage: a player whom i met when i was 50ish but soon left after. U came back and we had some fun. Where did u go mate.

    LKaito: peace bringer, long ago we met during a period of distress between my guild and yours. Since we always
    stayed in contact. Your friendship has been appreciated.

    Silverqueenvie, we started with a missunderstanding over bosses. But soon that shifted totally around, later when i joined leo's party u were there too. And since that time we become closer and close friends. Sadly u always had inet problems. Else today still u would have been part of the group. Your inet has been your curse. But believe me when i say, u've always been welcome.

    NBLeo, the one whom letted me join when i could connect with the top.
    The one whom since that day never left my side, always was there, in the best days
    in the worst game days. We came thru so many hard times together, the portal bug period, the off bug period, the period with hardly anyone around. But we sticked together and with just us 2 left we stayed going. We still do. Thank u for being that person whom shares the loneliness with me in sahel. Thank u for all your support.

    I've loved this game, i've lived this game, i've lived it with many, i hope the story is ment to not stop yet.
    But else know i've loved u all.

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    Default ciao

    farewell awesome experience u got there, even this server is trash.

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