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Thread: Starting as a new player is basically impossible..

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    Default Starting as a new player is basically impossible..

    I used to play DOMO few years back and I was considering checking it out again and creating a new character... But sadly it seems like there's really no meaning of doing that, because the economy is catastrophic and the community has turned inactive. By this I mean that all the active players have already reached their goals long ago and if you create a new character, you'd basically have to go solo all the way until you've reached level 50->. There aren't enough players to create parties, the chat in Eversun is dead silent.

    Maybe the old active players can keep the game alive and going, somehow, but my point is that the game has turned very unwelcoming and pretty much pointless for new potential players. It's a huge pity really.

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    And this right here is one of the biggest flaws this game has: it is too unfriendly towards newcomers.

    Even if this game's economy wasn't allowed to spiral out of control due to Item Mall handling, botting, etc., it's not designed to last very long. As a new player you really only have two practical options:

    1) Solo as a Shaman/newbie mage. If you wanted to be a support, too bad! If you wanted to be a phys DPS (i.e. Hunter or Blademaster), you have to wait until around the 50s for you to start scaling, so too bad! In either case, your other option is to:
    2) Be fortunate enoguh to be in a friendly guild and get plvl'd.

    Any other option will be fruitless or super slow. As you stated, parties are near impossible; even foggy is rare, so building yourself around the 6-man-aoe-team meta that this game is well known for will just straight up cripple you now. Hot springs is an option, but it's also the slow one. Wanna make it faster? Hope you got some SP to spare for each 25 minute session! That just leaves you with assault quests and daily missions, both of which are slower than just hitting the same high exp monster over and over.

    There's only so much we can do as a community to make the experience better. I don't blame you for thinking this way. Just goes to show how niche and relatively outdated this game is. =/

    EDIT: To add to this, this is why good, long lasting MMOs need ways to keep refreshing their population through its appeal. Given DOMO's mixed Steam reviews, SOFTSTAR's lack of attempt to shake things up & updating things to modern day standards, and how Suba doesn't have a good look right now, this game doesn't look like it'll have a batch's worth of new players.
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    - First of all, the fact they sell the item mall VERY expensive compared to aeria is one thing

    - Second aeria did some roulete and spending tier to attract whale / people to spend money on it and they target the "right" stuff like reset skill , reset stat (remember how expensive reset skill and stat back when we first start?), exp & drop boost , wep durability repair item WHICH IS NECESSARY to keep the game going and keep people to "leveling" and help new player to have a steady party

    - Third they didnt promote the game enough to attract "new" player that havent play the game yet and even now they didnt even bother to do it, YES they do fine on the start since they manage to attract "old" player that already play other domo version

    - Last they too late to implement all this event and stuff, and some gold sink when the population of the game is already decreasing so much

    anyway good luck with the game! it was fun when i first play until sp > gold conversion going insane

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