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Thread: Mirror Quest, Hero Chapter 3, 1 is a NIGHTMARE

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    Angry Mirror Quest, Hero Chapter 3, 1 is a NIGHTMARE

    Chapter 3, 1 or as I've called it "Mirror Quest Seven" is an complete nightmare.

    Collect the puzzle pieces and return them in order.

    1. The whole thing is timed.
    2. The agro is really irritating.

    Now, normally these things on their own or together wouldn't be all that bad, they're annoying granted, but you know what the real kicker is?
    I spent TEN whole minutes trying to get up a set of stairs and couldn't no matter what I tried! It's really irritating, irritating to the point where you feel like throwing your mouse across the room and yelling expletives.

    I had to wait for a monster to spawn in a "convenient" location because the game constantly threw a hissy fit, and didn't like any area or monster I clicked on at the top of the stairs and REFUSED to let me up the stairs. It's a nightmare!! Throw in the fact that I thought I had to collect all the map pieces in the right order (of the wiki page) and you can imagine my frustration.

    I'm level 60, and these things are agroing me like a female dog.
    This event really needs a fix, what are people gonna do if they're soloing this at level 45?
    Either the stairs need to be fixed, or the timer needs to be removed.

    Now stairs like this in domo, is no new thing. But usually there manageable and mildly irritating. These things are a whole 10 levels above that. They don't work PERIOD. You can't tell me that the people who play this in China, or Taiwan or wherever the game originated, never complained about this, or ask for it be to be fixed, because that would just astound me. Softstar really need to pull their finger out, and fix this.

    It a pain in the ass, that I have to finish this, just to get to level 61 and this mirror quest is practically trolling the crap out of me.
    It's a nightmare!!
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