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Thread: GMs are not dealing with serious issues quickly enough.

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    Thumbs down GMs are not dealing with serious issues quickly enough.

    I've been harrassed for the past couple of weeks by one person in particular. When I blocked them, they resorted to using alts, when I blocked those, they resorted to using PAS systems. When those no longer upset me, they began sending other players after me, individuals at first, and then groups of people. They even went to my guildmaster, and tried to get me kicked from my guild to hurt me more.

    So I made the huge mistake of telling people to back off in broadcast didn't I?
    And then I get flames from EVERYONE.
    I get her alt attacking me saying that "I'm reported, and that I need to 'stop' harrassing her"

    This person is the one harrassing me, and playing the victim going around telling other players that I'm bullying her
    so that I can be constantly attacked.

    And I just know, that I'm the one going to be banned for reacting to this, because the GMs did nothing to fix the problem.
    And that's the sad truth. The victim is always punished, and the person who caused all the problems gets off with it, and finds it hilarous.
    It was a problem on Aeria Domo, and I can tell its going to be a problem here.

    There needs to be a serious crackdown on toxic behaviour and harrassment. I'd hate to think someone with depression or severe anxiety could be harrassed like this in game, because it could end up with someone taking there life. And that is no laughing matter, although I know people who play this game will find it funny, and make toxic jokes about it.

    That's the level of humanity that players on this game have. And its a failure of the GM staff that its gotten this bad.
    and its a failure on the part of people who make needless reports, clogging up the system.
    I don't know if my account will be banned or not, and even if its not, I'm going to have to make serious considerations, if I really want to sink my hard earned money into this game every month or not anymore.

    The way I have been treated by staff and by other players is disgusting.
    I don't know how many times I've been treated in an abusive way in regards to mental health, sex, or even race at times in this game.
    And nothing has been done.

    I'm digusted at SubaGames for there lack of professionalism and understanding. I'll probaby get banned for the criticism but at this point, I'm passed caring. Someone is gonna end up committing suicide because of this game, and then and only when SubaGames are in serious legal trouble will they pull the game and apologise for failing so bad.
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