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Thread: IMPORTANT - Current Major Game Changes/Bug Fixes related to Gear

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    Default IMPORTANT - Current Major Game Changes/Bug Fixes related to Gear

    Currently, we have identified certain changes/bug fixes that may negatively affect your gear. These are:

    - Nontradable Refresh Stone usage will make refreshed gear untradable.
    - Failing a mod using Scroll I or II on weapons and armor may result in your mod being deleveled. (Bugfix) (Unconfirmed)

    Items in this list marked as "Bugfix" are unlikely to be reverted in the future.

    Suba Games will not replace/fix gear rendered unusable or diminished in capacity from relying on old behavior. We will handle newly discovered undocumented changes on a case by case basis.
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    The second point has been confirmed to be a rumor. If an incident of this actually occurs, please send a proper report; video preferred.

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