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Thread: game is dead?

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    Default game is dead?

    I was a huge fan of Luna. Although this mobile version did not really convince me, so I went back to Luna reborn. But I had to see sadly there were not even monsters when I relogged. Is the server totally dead?

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    Default I have the same problem....

    I've joined yesterday but there's nothing at all, no mobs, no ppl... no thing...

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    I'm actually quite active here and while it does feel a little lonely I assure there is at least a few people playing.

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    I used to play the original game a few years ago. I bought a new PC and I wanted to get back to playing the game out of nostalgia but I guess that wont be happening. I just love how my games have been smoother with my new PC. If youre planning on upgrading your PC, you should visit this website.

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