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Thread: Change Your Passwords

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    Exclamation Change Your Passwords

    Hello all,

    Main Questions Today
    1. Did you receive an extortion email last week?
    2. Did the sender request that you send Bitcoin to them?
    3. Did the sender show you your Suba Games password?

    Solution: If all 3 are true (and this should apply to everyone), you should change your password.

    How do I know this is not just random spam and could have been from somewhere else?
    1. Unique email with Suba Games.
    2. Unique password with Suba Games.

    Should anyone even care?
    Entirely up to you. This was unaddressed last time, I'm only here to share what I've learned. If you use the same email and password for your bank accounts, school logins, media sites, or anywhere else (even your email login), it would be prudent to react.

    Will Suba Games delete this thread?
    Probably, but the point of this is to gain their attention. I know I'm safe. The rest is up to them. I've already reported it to them directly. If a moderator or admin wants to play officer of the board and remove this thread, at the very least mention ticket ID 5169299 and I will gladly provide Suba Games details on the issue.

    Have fun.

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    I'm a bit flabbergasted that ...

    - My tickets
    - My emails
    - My phone calls
    - My other thread that was deleted
    - And this thread

    are all being ignored, with 0 responses from anyone at Suba Games / Wicked Interactive Ltd.

    I am however surprised this thread was not removed. Thank you for that at least.

    I've managed to get in touch with an affected user, and they were unaware of the issue. Their PayPal account was used fraudulently after the time of the breach, their email account was also logged into around the same time before they changed their password, and a few other events occurred which they did not want to tell me, but they feel were related.

    I'm done reporting this, and hope Suba Games does what's responsible, and notifies everyone that their email + password (in plain text) were compromised. My little brother will be disappointed he cannot play here anymore, but we all move on.

    In case anyone is curious, if you have created an email address specifically for Suba Games around or before the time of the original post in this thread, you should check if you are compromised and share your results.
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    Wha...? I don't remember deleting it; in fact I sticked it originally.

    I must thank you for bringing the issue to light in the first place, hopefully this awareness isn't removed again.

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    Today, everyone affected should have received Bitcoin extortion emails with their password in the email subject. I've received over a dozen today alone. Additionally, the password I had registered with Suba Games for all of my accounts were used in attempts to break into the email accounts, so attacks are still ongoing.

    This exemplifies why it's very important that Suba Games actually posts an official announcement. If you are using Gmail or a free email provider, your emails are likely being filtered. Check your spam folders.

    And thank you for not deleting this thread.

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    This is very risky! I would not do that, but still I will come in and take a look. I'm pretty sure there will be some problems with this site.

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