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Thread: Newbie with a few pet related questions.

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    Talking Newbie with a few pet related questions.

    Hey there! So I've played DOMO in the past, so I'm a bit familiar with it. However it's been forever since I've signed into the Suba version, and I did have a couple of questions regarding the pets and what not.

    1. What do the original pets usually go for price wise? Or even pet hibernation boxes for that matter? (I have one on an older char of mine I'd like to transfer over.)

    2. I noticed that the chance boxes on here state that you have a chance to obtain one of the following contents. I know on Aeria games it also showed some smaller items, so I was wondering if for example with the Fox box. Does that mean I'm guaranteed to obtain one of them? Or is it still a small chance like the Aeria version, and you're more likely to end up with other items?

    3. So far I haven't really seen any perm costumes in the cash shop, so are there any ways of obtaining them?

    4. Aside from buying suba points, what are some good ways to start myself making some money on here? Is farming things as a commoner still worth it?

    5. This isn't really a question, but if there are any other newbies looking for other people to play with, hit me up in game. I've got two other friends who I recently got into it as well, so we could have a nice little group going. vuv My character name is Venerra. < 3 See you in game.

    6. Thanks to anyone who responds!

    sig (c) BunnBun

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    I can't answer you first question.

    But for the others :
    2. As far as I know chance boxes here only gives what is written on it.
    3. For perm cossie, there's a special section on the item mall, just scroll down and you'll find it.
    4. For farming, you can go for minigames and daily quests. If you use them on the trader girl and go to the level 5 rewards, you can get rebirth stones that worth their prices.
    5. I'm not a newbie anymore (sorry)
    6. *makes a big hug*

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    Default Thank you

    Aw that's okay. vuv I've just been meaning to get myself and a few friends of mine some original pets so I was hoping that someone around here might know their general price points. Thanks so much for answering the questions that you did though, that's very helpful. *returns big hug*

    sig (c) BunnBun

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