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Thread: TsarAlexeii - Schedule & Prizes

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    Default TsarAlexeii - Schedule & Prizes

    Every week has the same schedule, this might be updated and it is your responsibility to get updated on this if you are eager for events.

    This thread is still undergoing creation and WILL be updated.

    All times are given in: ET-Timezone, you can check the current time: here

    Monday: 02:00P.M ET-Timezone - Item Rewards - 4x Winners - Deathmatch
    Tuesday: 02:00P.M ET-Timezeone - MPoint Rewards - 3x Winners - Deathmatch
    Wednesday: 02.00P.M ET-Timezone - Item Rewards - 6x Winners - Team Mode
    Thursday: 02.00P.M ET-Timezone - MPoint Rewards - 6x Winners - Team Mode
    Friday: 02.00P.M ET-Timezone - Item Rewards - 8x Winners - Unique/Random Event
    Saturday: 11.00AM - 02.00PM - Giveaway - 2x Winners - Discord Event
    Sunday: No Events.

    FAQ (May be updated with time):
    Q: When do we get our item rewards?
    A: Usually the first comming Friday, sometimes the first comming Monday after made event.

    Q: I recieved wrong item, how do I complain?
    A: Add Roald#8692 on Discord and we will solve it.

    Q: I didn't recieve my item!
    A: You either gave a restricted item, which cannot be claimed or you gave the wrong ID Number after said event.

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    Glad to see the events arent dead. Good Luck to everyone!
    Is me... Moshy

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