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Thread: It's been so long..

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    Red face It's been so long..


    It must be every last bit of 10 years now. But I have returned!

    I used to go by the gamertag 'Aroil' many many years ago.
    But now I've chosen to go by 'PwnSauce/PwnSauws/PwnSauwz'.
    Or something to that extent.

    When I used to play, hitting level 40 meant going P2P.
    It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

    Please, by all means, add me on discord @PwnSauws#6689
    I could use all the help and PT knowledge I can get!!

    I'll be on everyday in the Valento server.
    Am a total try hard.

    Nice meeting you all!!

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    Welcome back! I've also started again after a couple of years and I've been enjoying it just like when I started looong ago..
    I remember in the p2p days I kept on creating new characters, leveling them until 39 and then starting over again

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