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Thread: February Title Bounty (2019)

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    Default February Title Bounty (2019)

    I can't seem to maintain this event in particular anymore due to personal reasons and that in theory people will eventually have all titles, so this will be my last one~

    Due to that, I will make the bounties here based on my selection! I will also try something different with Pro.

    How Does This Work?

    -I will separate this event into four tiers: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro.
    -The Beginner group will contain monsters from level 1-20.
    -The Intermediate group will contain monsters from level 21-44.
    -The Advanced group will contain monsters from level 45-59.
    -The Pro group will contain monsters from level 60-80.
    -Each group will have a randomized* monster to kill per month. Butterfly Queen will not be included because there are very few of them and they take ages to respawn.
    -Each tier will have different prizes, which scales the higher tier you do.
    -You may only win a prize from one tier. If you try to enter multiple tiers, I will only count the FIRST one you did. No exceptions.
    -To win a prize, simply earn the slayer/flyer title. You will need to post a screenshot with your IGN confirming you have earned the title either by a COMPLETE quest bill or by global announcement. The screenshot must also contain your IGN as well as the use of the chat command /realtime so that I know you've done it this month.
    -You do not necessarily need the Title Master bills to participate, but they do help you keep track and are a way to assure you can get the title for yourself.
    -Please make sure when you upload your screenshot, it can be seen by the public.
    -If a King title drops and you are the one who obtained it, you may earn two bonus Fun Goodie Bags. There is no limit to the King Title Bonus. You must still use the /realtime command.
    -Please check your in-game mail frequently. Prizes will bounce back within 24 hours.
    -Please be mindful of other people in the area if they need mobs for quests or grinding, you have a month to do this~
    -On the first of each month, the bounty will change. However, life can be unpredictable, so I may not be able to post a new bounty on the first of each month.
    -All bags give 2 Event Stamps each unless otherwise stated. Fun Goodie Bags give 1 Event Stamp each.
    -If you receive mail while in Spooky Bottom, please check your preferred city's mailbox instead.
    -If I miss your prizes, please direct me to your entry.

    Partner System

    Players may bring a friend to help them hunt down a title, since the Title Master bills are unable to be shared in a team. If either you or your partner get the any one of the designated bounties for the month, both of you will receive full prizes. This is most beneficial for getting a global drop faster or encouraging a support to help you. Some rules and clarifications for this system though:

    -It is only available for Advanced and Pro tiers.
    -ALL partner pairs must be pre-registered, with both of you confirming that you two are working together. You do NOT have to pre-register if you are going alone.
    -IF you are using this system, both of you must be at least level 45 to enter Advanced and at least level 60 to enter Pro. If you attempt to submit your entries and one of you does not meet the level requirement, that person will not receive any prizes and will not be allowed to use the partner system for the next month. You should show the ability that you can earn prizes, not be bottle fed them. There are no exceptions to partners where both people are underleveled. You have been warned.
    -For obvious reasons, both of your levels must be shown somewhere in a screenshot.
    -Your partner MUST be present in at least one of your screenshots with them actively assisting you in combat prior to obtaining the title. This should mainly rule out item trading, suspicious screenshots where the partner was only there long after the title drop, or the partner screenshot(s) that only show(s) the title turn in at Title Master. If your partner seems unable to help you in combat, whether as a support, DPS, or whatever role, please direct them to a lower tier title.
    -These may be IP checked if there is any suspicion with system abuse, please see me if you live under the same roof or go to an internet cafe if you haven't already (and even then, play at your own risk). I may approach you if it is reported. Failure to come clean by the time you submit your screenshots will result in a one month ban from the partner system for both characters. A repeat of this will result in a permanent blacklist from the whole event.
    -Regardless if using this system or not, you as an individual are still restricted to one bounty per month.
    -You can switch partners if you feel it is necessary. Make sure your new partner confirms too. To prevent abuse, you may only switch partners once a month.
    -I do encourage the act of testing out monsters to see if you can do it so you don't waste your time.
    -If you're going alone, no need to register.

    It's the year of the Pupu! Too bad there's only one Pupu Slayer title.


    Tier: Beginner
    Title: Pupu Slayer
    Bounty: 4 Goodie Bag Cs, 1 Pupu Lucky Box

    Divine Kuku Egg

    Tier: Intermediate
    Title: Kuku Egg Flyer
    Bounty: 3 Blessings Bags, 3 Misfortune Bags, 1 Pupu Lucky Box

    Menacing Minotaur Soldier

    Tier: Advanced
    Title: Menacing Minotaur Slayer
    Bounty: 4 Meowmix Bags, 4 Goodie Bag As, 1 Pupu Lucky Box

    Demonic Northern Turtle Soldier OR Northern Turtle Legionary**

    Tier: Pro
    Title: Northern Tortoise Flyer/Northern Turtle Solider Slayer
    Bounty: 5 Try Hard Bags, 5 My Buffs Carry Bags, 5 Spooky Mementos, 1 Pupu Lucky Box

    *As stated at the start of this post, nothing here is random.
    **You're doing either one of these turtles. You cannot do both turtles to get double prizes.

    Deadline: March 1st, 11:59PM EST

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    IGN: Kapibara
    Partner: =\Ainz_Ooal_Gown/=
    Title: Northern Tortoise Flyer


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    IGN: .Serenade.
    Title: Northern Turtle Solider Slayer
    Partner: AlmightySp

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    IGN: =\Ainz_Ooal_Gown/=
    Title: Northern Turtle Flyer

    And Yay! Finally Monthly Title Bounty is Back!  440681
    Its Fine. Everyone makes mistake. You just need to make an effort to not make the same mistake again.
    #OverLord Anime

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    Default Bounty hunt :D

    Partner: .Serenade.
    Title Northern Turtle Soldier Slayer

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    IGN: Rezi
    Partner: Cleogyu
    Title: Northern Tortoise Flyer

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    Feb 2016


    IGN: Cleogyu
    Partner: Rezi
    Title: Northern Tortoise Flyer
    Prestige's Cleo

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    IGN: Hanalita
    Partner: Renegade
    Title Northern Turtle Soldier Slayer

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    IGN: Renegade
    Confrim working with Hanalita
    Title: Northern Turtle Soldier Slayer

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    IGN: Qmpelek
    Partner: xMae
    Title: Northern Tortoise Flyer

    Branch Head of

    Signature made by Kuroi-chan^

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