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Thread: Xbox One Controller Support.

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    Default Xbox One Controller Support.

    Hey, I've tested it and it's kinda good but not perfect.

    XboxOne Controller:
    Button1 = (A)
    Button2 = (B)
    Button3 = (X)
    Button4 = (Y)
    Button5 = LB
    Button6 = RB
    Button7 = Select
    Button8 = Start
    Button9 = L-Stick Button
    Button10 = R-Stick Button

    Z Axis(-) = Trigger push(both). - Separate Triggers "Left/Right Trigger" and because it's an 1D axis it shouldn't have a (+ or -) in it. The Axis should go 0.0 -> 1.0.
    Z Axis(+) = If you bind a key to it, I guess it's set as 1.0 Axis in game so the plane will shot itself #BUG, remove this axis, makes no sense.
    TIP: Just create "LT = Left Trigger (axis 0.0 -> 1.0 when pressing). "RT = Right Trigger (axis 0.0 -> 1.0)".

    Deadspot option, where the float just floors out and centers the "cursor" like "if axis <= 0.05 { return 0 }" to the axis will center itself.

    The right stick doesn't work at all, I would like strafing on the right stick not on the cross.
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