Good day, everyone.
I am thinking of returning to ept, but i don't know how updated the game is and i have a few questions I'd appreciate it a GM could answer:

1 - Is the defense system working?
2 - Are the characters balanced in relation to each other, especially concerning pvp?
3 - What is the current XP rate?
4 - Do you have all the maps, including that Abyss map or whatever its called?
5 - What is the best char to have if you like pvp?

The brazilian pt has become too commercial at the cost of the playability of the game to the point where its much like a private server that does not listen to the community. I wonder how much the community opinion counts around here. I used to love to play priston but bpt has become something else, but that's not Pt
I would love it if someone could answer my questions.

Thank you very much for reading.