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    Hello all,

    I used to play way back in the day and have forgotten how to farm/grind monsters. I've forgotten how to set it up but recall being able to attack large amounts of monsters. How do you set it up?

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    There are two ways you can farm.

    Death by auto attack, AKA single target farm. This is often achieved via Blademaster or Hunter. The idea is to kill monsters as fast as possible with only using auto attacks. Blademaster does it better due to having the highest scaling of attack via Power AND full benefit of the Dragon and Tiger Slaying passive, but Hunter has the benefit of not needing to move around as fast thanks to having the natural equipment of bows, so you could get away with using that if you don't want to spend the points to get Equip Bow and enough Bow Mastery for Blademaster. This is often considered one of the most efficient if not versatile ways to farm, especially in areas where mobs aren't very dense, but it also requires some of the most investment. Some HP recovery is recommended if you end up using All-Out Assault/Burning Rage + Blood Boil unless you don't mind staying at 1 HP.

    Gather up and AoE. This can be done with a large variety of jobs, but the premise is that you pull as many monsters together as possible and kill the monsters in as few AoEs as possible. A beginner bow or Stalling Chant from Wizard is enough to pull. If you don't use either of these things, then you'll want to move fast. Jobs I would recommend for this are Dancer, Wizard, and Shaman. Sorcerer can work too but I don't like the idea of using it for farming due to its smaller AoE radius unless you're farming in a high level area relative to your own. This works best in areas with large mob density, otherwise the single target method is more efficient. A MP recovery skill is recommended if your natural MP recovery isn't strong enough.

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