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Thread: In Need of Pet Screenshots!

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    Default In Need of Pet Screenshots!

    The DOMO Wiki is sadly in need of updating when it comes to the pet screenshots. Part of this is due to no one really updating it, but I also think that not a lot of people KNOW that it needs to be updated. As someone who frequents the Wiki quite often, I for one would love to see the pet section of the Wiki finished, but I can't do it alone...

    Evo1 = First Evolution levels 11-40
    Evo2 = Second Evolution levels 41-60
    Evo3 = Final Evolution levels 61+

    As of right now, the following pet screenshots are needed

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    Default Red Ox Pet

    Red Ox

    True Red Ox

    Ultimate Red Ox

    Just a Suggestion, Maybe You Can Ask It on Domo Discord too, or You can Leave Your Discord ID or Something Else Where People Can Contact to, Because Sometimes Its abit Complicated to Upload Image on forum. Some Peoples May Having Some Issue to do the Image Uploading.  440681
    Its Fine. Everyone makes mistake. You just need to make an effort to not make the same mistake again.
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    Se 13 Love.jpgSe 13 Metal.jpgSe 13 Rock.jpgSe 13 Saphhire.jpg

    Here you have the se 13 Pictures of most of the pets

    Unfortunatly none of them are high enough to evolve them yet.

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