I joined back in 2009. Back then there so many players - so much so that every map had consistent player activity in one way or another. We were all eagerly anticipating the new Pandea maps, items, armors, etc. GM's would logon 2-3 times a day, interact with players. It was reasonably difficult to achieve e10 items, let alone anything beyond that.

From 2009 I would logon again in 2013, 2014. Less players, but still a decent community and GM support and events. Logged back on again in 2017, less activity still. I get back on now and this game has become a cash cow and a husk of what it formerly was. Have yet to see a GM log on and little to no events here and there. I just logon cause I enjoy reliving those awesome memories from some 13 years ago, but it's not like it used to be. The community is what's keeping this game alive at the moment.