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Thread: Bug premium items.. Exp scroll/Costume(eternal)/Mounts/ and restat scroll?

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    Default Bug premium items.. Exp scroll/Costume(eternal)/Mounts/ and restat scroll?

    So here is my problem, im new to this game and i already top up a couple of hundreds of dollars.

    My Problems:

    I bought so many Exp scrolls already 30% and 50% (20 times already). i didnt check the exp im getting first since im low level, but when i reach level 50+ i check how many exp im getting ,because it seems slow. 15k exp with out the premium buffs, when i use them im getting 16k exp. well played, how many dollars did i just wasted because of this bug. (i tried to buy 3 times when i started to check to be sure, and its all the same) im using +30%, +50% premium and +50% quest scroll.

    Since im new i didn't know that if you buy 30days costume it will be "eternal" which cost 3000sp only, instead since im new i bought the 15600sp "eternal" costume. this bug are the same with mounts.

    I dont know if theres restat scroll but i think you need to add one...

    I am reporting this because my whole clan are planning to play this game again for fun. i love this game but there are too many bugs which concern real money. kindly check my transaction history so you know im telling you the truth that i buy them, and since you are a GM or moderator of the game i know you can check if im getting the right exp. i dont know if you are going to compensate for this bug since its real money we are talking about. but yeah how do you expect my friends to support this game while having this bugs..

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