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Thread: Worst Ager Event (03/25 - 04/01)

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    Default Worst Ager Event (03/25 - 04/01)

    Hey PT fam,

    We'll be hosting the Worst Agers Event along with the Free Aging week (03/25 - 04/01). ~ Rare ~ prizes will be given to the worst agers, see more details here:

    Happy Aging!

    From your friendly event manager~,


    Worst Agers Event
    Brought to you by: komorebi & GM Spoopy
    What is it?

    Have you ever wanted to ?* when your +19 Verus weapon breaks going +20? We're here to make you feel better.
    During Free Aging event, we will give you points when you suffer aging penalties. At the end of Free Aging event, the top 3 players with the most points will win ~rare~ prizes. After the event, we'll see you in ric hs proudly wearing your "medals" of shame!
    When is it?

    While Free Aging is ON (Mar. 25 - Apr. 1)
    Winners & Prizes

    Ranking Prize
    1st place +20 club and +20 wood shield
    2nd place +20 stone axe
    3rd place +20 short bow

    Penalty Points
    -1 de-age 1
    -2 de-age 2
    Item breaks 3
    Example: -1 de-age & -2 de-age & -1 de-age & item breaks = 7 points

    • Player of all levels welcome!
    • Aged items must have max 10 LVL difference from your highest level character

    • Exception: For players LVL 120+, only items LVL 112+ will count
    • Examples:

    • If you are LVL 70, items LVL 60 - 80 count
    • If you are LVL 150, items LVL 112 - 120 count

    • Aging penalties with and without aging stone both count.
    • Aging penalties can happen on any server where Free Aging is ON.
    • Aged items can be for any class.
    • Disconnects while aging do not count.
    • If there are ties, we will pick random players to break the tie with this tool.
    • Please play fair, we will disqualify any abusers of the event.


    How will you know if I deaged/break?
    We will be using server logs to determine this.
    Does it count if I mature on a different character than the one I used to age?
    Yes! But, remember the rules about LVL difference for the event applies to your highest level character.
    If I’m very high LVL, like LVL 139, can I participate?
    Yes! Only items of LVL 112+ will count for you though. See Rules 2a. above.

    Mention @komorebi in #general on Discord.
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    Default Worst Agers Event Winners & Honorable Mentions

    Worst Agers Event Winners & Honorable Mentions
    (Original event description:

    The results are in! Your fellow badass (or just bad) agers are here to shine!

    1st place: JaeFLIP031 @NeeKoo
    JaeFLIP031 scored a whopping 95 total points, JaeFLIP031 broke 3 items, but de-aged by minus two 21 times, and lucked out at minus ones at an amazing 44 times.
    Prize: +20 Club AND +20 Wood Shield

    2nd place: FoxFx @FoxFx
    FoxFx scored yet another impressive 37 points, breaking 7 items (more than 1st place!), de-aged by minus two 4 times, and minus one 8 times.
    Prize: +20 Stone Axe

    3rd place: BluBlink (if you have a discord let me know!)
    BluBlink racked up a total of 30 points without breaking anything, but de-aged by minus two 7 times and minus one another 16 times
    Prize: +20 Short Bow

    Honorable mentions go to o0OAthenaO0o with 29 points and KiepConRuoi at a close 28 points!

    A huge congrats to our winners! Please allow until Thursday, April 11th to pick up your prizes from Item Distributor.
    Thanks to the entire PT community for participating in this event! More to come, stay tuned. <3

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