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Thread: Make Lucent Heart Alive Again?

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    Default Lh reborn! <3

    not like it's fully gone or anything there are few people who play this game even now but tbh i love this game more than anything and so do some of the people i know..i saw so many leaving this game just cuz thinking that it was all dead and no one would ever play it and i was really sad about would be better if this game goes back like before. seriously, if it goes as it's said here it'd be a great improvement for the game and LH would be reborn LOL. and yeah creating a new server would be a lot more interesting since players get to play this game again from the start while helping each other.well it needs a lot of work but everyone hopes to see this game coming back alive as soon as possible <3 considering all of these things maybe even more people might join compared to how it was back then and it would be like a unique version of LH

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    Default to no avail

    I love the idea of LH being lively again, but I do not think it will ever happen. There is no chance for updates, and no marketing of the game of course bc it's an old game. There is no word of mouth as well bc most people have abandoned the game after maxing everything on multiple characters. A reset is not needed bc anyone can start over if they would like, but that's not ideal. I got tired of the game after I worked so hard to get what I have in the game and then heard story after story of other players getting loads of freebies just by being real friendly to GM's and what not. A system where there wasn't any checks and balances left a bad taste in my mouth. Being silenced via ban after discussing a situation that shouldn't exist isn't too appealing. I do commend you for wanting LH to be fun and lively once again, but at the end of the day; it's just beating a dead horse IMO.

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    Default Reset The Server.

    I've played LH before, I started in around January so i'm quite the new player, but have been afk for most of February, but have started playing again. If you reset the server, more people would come on and old players would come on to try to regain the top position and help other new players get to know how the game works. I know many people who would love to see this happen, so please make this dream a reality!

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    Default i totally agree

    i havent been playing lucent heart for long, yet the game has come close to heart to me so much that i really love. yet it seems that lucent heart is in need of a reset, please reset the game as so many new players have joined just this year and last year, it would be nice to try and get this game running again with everybody starting fresh.

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    Default unlikely

    I think it's highly unlikely that there will be a reboot.. Subagames made their money from us and for them it would be a waste to keep active staff and servers running on a dead game, this is why games eventually shut down; however that is just the conservative speaking in me. Personally i found the OP passive pets to be the worst thing to happen in the game. This took lvl 70 players with no OP passive pets having difficulty running hera, while level 50's with the pets can solo it with ease. Not to mention PVP got ridiculous with the latest pets. The way to fix this would be to change the system from pay to win to just, pay for clothes or accessories.. but where's the money in that?

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    Default Make new server

    Great idea. A new server would be able to revitalize an already almost dead game that no one knows about. It'll be able to bring back old and new players alike for a fresh experience of gameplay again. I 100% agree with this idea.

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    Default ain't it chief

    i don't think it's going to happen. suba doesn't care about this game or the people who play it. quit ever since the gms stole half my gold and have moved on to better games with better management. a new server would end up dead just like this one, which is a new server in and of itself rehosted from beanfun. (: memories were good though, i'll always look back to this game as one of my first mmos that i really got hooked on.
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    Red face Good News

    yayyyy im glad to know this, i feel LH is not multiplayer game now because most players doing their stuffs by self >.< and no balance, so make new server and reset all is better way. and about delete buffs pet it is good idea, so all players can hunt with teammates not soloing everytime

    I miss old LH i hope it will alive again

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    Server reset will not occur, that would be to big an upset to players that actually spent money in game. New players preferring a reset so they don't have to go through the trouble of working hard at a game for years to be amongst the top players, just makes me facepalm. You can't allow players to spend currency in a game and then just take away what they purchased aka reset, that's how lawsuits are started. A separate new server would be the only way to completely start fresh.

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    Default Meh

    I agree that it'll more than likely not happen but hey, you never know what will happen. JP LH already gone for 2 years. What about this one?

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