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Thread: Make Lucent Heart Alive Again?

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    Default Nevermind

    Nevermind, Angel has a point. Lol.

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    I consider myself a veteran player since the very first LH launched (in EU version) i would like to remember which server was, but sadly i've forgotten. Actually i find out a PRO but at same time CON. The real reason (and literally obviously but well...) was the OP Buff Pets and Battle Pets. I would understand the server wants to make profit but literally went out of hands bc of this. Most of people rathers to do SOLO than doing a Party, literally destroying the most essential: TEAMWORK. The old times you needed a Healer and a Buff Class (CT and NS). I would be happy if the GM can understand our request so probably would "save" the game.
    My only worries is about people who spented a lot of money for their items. Theres a chance to refunds? i didnt spent my money at this game after all.

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    Default Nevermind Again

    Read it wrong. Pretty sure people meant a new diff server.

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    Thumbs up alive again xd

    I really do support this idea of restarting/receting Lucent Heart again.
    In my opinion, what really brought players to play this game was some kind of difficulty . It was SO much more fun when players teamed up and gone through this game together. But i think it got to the point that evryone can do much more things alone, i mean like solo the game through ,i guess..thats why it got boring for me.And alot of new stuff,i would say, ruined the game...I just wish LH was back to how it been before((

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    JP LH started 5 years before EN LH so maybe thats why they reached the finale first. We don't even have all the content they had, if we did maybe LH would still have tons of active players. At this point I just log on for nostalgic reasons.
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    Default Yassssss plz!

    I would love to play it again. But i know it will be some hard work to organize new events, and maybe take out part of the OP pets too, so people can't rush dungeons alone etc. I will be willing to spend some money getting nice fashion items and for the pets. I know Japan and Taiwan have stopped developing this game but starting over is what I would hope for ~

    At least having a new server is great, like the old players don't lose everything they paid for and spent time on.
    Just want to play this again with my old friends :<

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    Post need better graphics probably wont happen though

    LH i love you but looking at this game for to long gives headaches which is sad because te game play is... its better than aura sorry i mean lag kingdom which is better than most games. Now i know this probaly wont happen seeing this game has been totally abandoned by any type of GM or dev. but just saying that it would definitely help.

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    Thumbs up Good talk

    I also think that taking out the OP pets on a completely new server will make the game more alive. No inflation, players farm for their loot, economy becomes alive along with teamwork, crafting and trade even amongst the players that have a lower level. When players begun AFK farming with OP pets the game became boring. Everyone that had the OP pets got to get as much gold as they wanted just by sitting around. game coins became worthless and the trade got damaged. When people had all the powerful buffs from the OP pets they could kill most things solo. The multiplayer game based on teamwork and friendship we all knew became some sort of boring singleplayer. I hope that you'll consider making a new server for old time's sake and also for the future of LH

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    Default Also, not that I disagree

    If only buff pets, GM involvement, events, Hera dungeon at level 50(?) and all that didn't exist, game would probably still be doing fine.

    Not really into talking about the past but just trying to make a point(?) here. I'm talking as someone who has been "favored" if that is the word you think fits me. I didn't really think much about it, nor bothered to know if this was any harm to the community. I was just a casual player who just wanted to have some fun and simply make events for the community but I realized too late. I didn't have any logical sense back then to what would happen. I was pretty new to mmorpgs back then, didn't know any better but now, it all makes sense. Though, right now I really think events did a lot of harm. Not just me in particular but all GM events such as boss rush. If we didn't have events, people would probably still be grinding. Just a lot of "What if..."

    Although, even if this didn't happen. Would game still be alive? No updates whatsoever. All we have is a dead abandoned game where people just go on time to time for nostalgic feels.

    I still don't get why JP LH has all the updates and we don't. F. We're like missing a huge chunk of the entire game.

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    Default Make everyones wish come true \o/

    I've been playing this game for a while now but not since the glory days of Lucent Heart I always keep hearing about. Pretty sure the game has potential to recover, just that management needs to actively involved too. Creating a new server seems much logical.

    • make those passive pets untradable like battle pets
      remove barbarosa and oda
      do something about dungeon level restriction as theres scope for level boosting again

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