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Thread: Make Lucent Heart Alive Again?

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    This is an MMO, having to team up is a fundamental part of it. Slowly being able to solo everything was exciting at first but we can all agree that, in hindsight, it wasn't worth the candle.

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    I'm not the creator of this content but when it comes to this game, they most certainly didn't make it fundamental. Fundamental would mean that it is necessary, vital, or even forced. This isn't like Anthem where it forces team play. Teaming at the end of the day is merely an option. If it wasn't there wouldn't be a vast amount of object's, that allow for extreme solo play. As far as it not being worth the candle, in ways doing extra work it's not, other ways it most certainly is. Like I mentioned if you don't feel like sharing drops from bosses, or risking drop rate percentage, it's way better to solo. This is an MMO yes, but that can be for multiple reasons. Reasons can range from trading/buying/selling in game or for social reasons, as well as the soul mate feature of the game. If they wanted teaming to be fundamental at the end of the day, content creators wouldn't of added all the content that allows for extremely easy solo play. They left all options on the table, and didn't chose to corner it into a teaming MMO.

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    Thumbs up supporting reset/ server locked toons and items ect

    I always thought lucent heart was an MMORPG and the unique community was the best part of this and every other Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game not a SINGLE PLAYER game like dark souls where its fun to solo because of the difficulty not to mention every single person who has voiced their opinion about the game needing to be more team work oriented are actually the most well known players in the game like Bruna Sora and Aleh for years now and i dont think they are lonely or care about being needed by everyone considering people always ask them questions of any sort related to the game because they know the most also MMO's are meant to be played with others that's the whole aspect of them but players can still go the solo route but this should not be 90% of the player in the game because of aspects in the game that make teamwork pointless best example is HP Healers like Dawn Prophets and Sun Commisiners in lucent heart and MP healers like Galaxy Sages those classes dont even do what the classes are designed to do not because they are lonely and want attention but because aspects in the game like pets that give you HP and MP depending on your damage are in place that remove and make team work useless

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    Anyone that knows how to access jp wiki doesn't need to ask questions about LH. I will say that f2p players are the ones that prefer teams and if that's you, I would suggest you team. At the same time, I'm no where near a p2w player as I've only spent about $30 on SP, but at the same was able to solo my way through this game. Just because it's what I preferred. I wouldn't prefer to be corned and need a team. I like that the content creators created a game where this was a possible option. If you don't like how they made the game, let me ask, how come you play it? That's like me playing need for speed and saying why aren't guns in the game. When simply put I could just play GTA. If you want certain factors to not exist, maybe play a game where they don't?

    I'm here to give both sides of coin, so this isn't a boxed situation. We could all agree that updates would fix issues, but updates aren't available. I want people to think and not just follow, please be independent with your thoughts on issues like this and please be honest. I'm 100% behind sora or anyone that wants to better the game, but of course the reset, no one is sure that will fix anything. Tis just a gamble, but it's a gamble that will irritate quite a bit of people.

    Also this is a MMORPG where at the end of the day you can solo and you can be single. Not forced to sm not forced to team. If this bothers you idk what to say. Coming up with ways to deter these options goes against what the content creators created.
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    Default Yes, but actually no.

    This idea seems nice and all but it'll just be like applying a bandage on a corpse. Let me elaborate. Even if Suba somehow hear this request and applied a reboot, as mentioned we'd need actual dedicated GMs to go through everything. However, the game doesn't bring nearly enough incomes for it to be worth looking deeper into for Suba. Finally, even if we do that, there's one big problem standing, and that's Playcoo. These guys are probably the biggest problem we've had from starters for too many reasons to count.

    So yes, for LH to trully be able to shine, we need to get rid of the restriction that are the publisher and the developer. Else the outcome will be the same, if not worse because we won't even have as many players as when it originally started, since the hype died down and most veterans lost hope.
    Emphasis on most, I know some who are still eagerly waiting, and even acting for some change to happen.
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    I know many ppl will be against this, prob a compensation will be needed if they decide to "reset the game", the new server isn't a bad idea, i know many players will join after that happens. In my opinion, the main prob in actual lh is the content, we've had the same content for 2 years i think, prob more, no new pets, no costumes, n i know there are many cuz if u go to japanesse wiki u can see them all there. If we get that new content, new maps, maybe a new class idk, even actual lh can become something wonderful for new players. V12 come out plz lol

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    Thumbs up I loved it when I quest with people before

    When I was a new player, I didn't know that the game was becoming inactive. All i remember is that when I went in the first city, Thereall, I have seen not a single soul in there but new players running to get to their quests. This is when I saw players like LuveBunny and SpiritM (and GodessOfWar* ) as my former team mates and we became close in game, gradually becoming strong together but after the updates they did to LH, things have gone easier for players and then they never did the quests in game but would rather power level. It's not fun to power level IMO but it's more fun to level up by questing coz then you would spend time meeting new players and bond with them like every day coz it was hard to level up without power pets and this was before all those fancy battle and support pets from the IM when all you had were support pets. I did love the community when I first started this game but that went poof after they invented Barbarossa etc. World was the most powerful battle pet when i first entered the game so idk much what it was like before World was up in the item mall. With that said, I think having a World battle pet is enough for the game to start anew but idk about gvg coz you can just not summon her for gvg or pvp

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    Well, restart means all the dances are gone. i aint redoing them. so im not gonna restart.
    even if restart makes old players play again, not many gonna stay for that long. repetition gets boring pretty soon. so its not even worth. i rather just come on once in a while like i do right now.
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    I do find it amusing how the community can spontaneously band together even after such a long period of silence.

    I'm not particularly hopeful about this situation, mainly due to how the game has been treated and how little Suba can currently do about it, regardless if they care or not. Without going into too much detail, here are some of the facts and my thoughts.

    • Playcoo, the developer, isn't around for this game anymore. Suba, the publisher, can't do much of anything big with Lucent Heart without them. This why the game hasn't received a real update or fix in years. Right off the bat things are looking dire.
    • I doubt a server reset would do the game much good. If we combine the above factor to this, all a reset will do is set the players back to square one without any further updates to the game (and that's assuming we don't go back to a previous version!). What motivation would there be to play? Might as well start with new characters in the game's current state, but that doesn't work well for everyone, knowing they have another character with fancier items and money.
    • Suba itself has garnished increasing failures that can't be ignored. They haven't had a hit since DoMO, and even THAT had such a rocky start that strongly affected the staying population and their desire to come back (nevermind the in-fighting with what should or shouldn't be in the game).
    • There are less GMs around. With the above factor, it's not likely more will come.
    • This in turn causes people to be disgusted with Suba itself. I bet you if someone looks at this game and see it's published by Suba Games AFTER coming from let's say Global Adventures or from word of mouth, they will be like "no thanks" and play something else. So it's definitely unlikely the population will grow in a reset scenario. Population growth is important, because that can mean more paying customers.

    The best thing Suba can do for this game now is to give the community more love. Host some events more often. But that's just me being overly optimistic as a CM. I wish I could be proven wrong.

    Cherish the positive memories. I doubt they will be re-enacted again. Maybe we can all visit each other sometime and dance the night way.

    EDIT: I did skim through this thread so apologies if I missed anything major or if something felt overly repeated
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    well at least we tried

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