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Thread: Make Lucent Heart Alive Again?

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    Lightbulb Make Lucent Heart Alive Again?

    Make Lucent Heart Alive Again?

    Throughout the past two years the same questions have been asked and circulated a million times inside the community “is the game abandoned?” , “what happened?”, “did SUBAGAMES give up on lucent heart?” so from a players' perspective I will give my opinion on things people have asked and what as a player I personally expect or think the right course of action is at the moment regarding the state of LH, without further ado from my opinion I helplessly feel like SUBA games has given up on this game also once again I'm simply stating what MY Opinion which could be wrong or right depending on what I know and don't know after all my years of playing and coming back to constant disappointment while hoping something has changed.

    What do I think the right course of action is for the game?
    Personally I still really think the best course is to either reset the game server or create a new server still and I doubt this will change also I know I said this before but it's nice to bring it back to life, for people who don't know Lucent heart has One Server and Three Channels, these two things are different concepts so lets me give you a simple explanation.

    Server's saves your character on that dedicated server only, which enables you to use the same character and go alternate between channels while if there was another server that would mean that you have to make another character for this specific server to alternate between that servers channels while keeping your character on the other server here an example.

    Server A: Main Character is Here without access to the character on server B
    Server B: while the New Character is Here without access to the character on server A

    That's the most basic way I can put it so people understand what I'm trying to explain and why I think this is the best course also if I'm not mistaken a new server would require more work, yes I know that fact is true but considering the fact that LH is one of the few games that can be run without major GM involvement as long as they get the game started up right they can be mostly inactive afterward and get away with just hosting a major event like boss rush Once or Twice a month while leaving another event to an Event Coordinator. Now concerning the major reasons people quit the game was during V9 and V10 (we are on a fake version 11) now that the bugs and issues that ruined the game have been fixed already through-out patches so people can't just pull stuff we did while abusing these issues because of the lack of consequences is another reason I think this game would benefit from a fresh start.

    • Pros
      Players come back to play the game again and new players join
      Players get to ask for changes
      Players all get to level together
      Brings back a lot of MMORPG aspects like Teams
      Makes every class viable
      Competition with players over resources
      Fresh Market with no inflated prices & SP prices reset to 100k/1k
      Players buy more SP because they want items again in the server
      Guild vs Guild becomes active again
      Removal of broken items and pets (example: world barbarosa buff/contract pets etc)
      and more...

    • Cons
      Staff will have to cooperate with players for a while and listen to changes
      Staff will have more work (Fixing lovers garden NPC and removing item mall items etc)
      Players have to become level one and won't be able to access old stuff
      Resources are limited because everyone is competing over them
      Players might get out ruled by other players on some changes they want (example: world barbarosa buff/contract pets etc)
      Players might not get their fav Pets or items because players want it removed (example: world barbarosa buff/contract pets etc)
      Players won't be able to get everything they want
      The server might only last for a while if they don't like the results it produces
      No Refund on SP for the new server
      and more...

    Yes once again I know I have made a similar post in the past but I really think players should push for a new server and think it would still be ideal but if that option isn't available I would personally still ask for SUBAGAMES staff to consider taking an IP locked straw poll to see how many players would rather have the game restarted with changes over keeping the game in the state it is currently in, I'm 100% confident that the pros outweigh the cons and would just love to know if the current community also thinks the same as the previous one because that would only help to show off the fact that the game will benefit from it and its not just wishful thinking is action is actually taken place to help out the game start again.

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    Thumbs up Dead Game

    Game is literally abandoned.

    GM Zen took over it seems but isn't doing anything besides a weekly maint.
    Pvp, Lovers Garden npc went poof. No x2 exp neither. Game is obviously abandoned.

    Make a new server already, plox.

    There are still a ton of people willing to stick to the game. Take the events I did for example, people are still alive but they don't really go on unless an event happens because there is like no point playing anymore. We need a reset.

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    Default Le DEAD

    Plox new server.

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    If I'm being honest, I think a reset is a good idea.

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    Default Tis dead

    Make a new server

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    Thumbs up Rebirth LH

    i completely agree

    while i'm a newer player, i notice alot of people are simply afk when i'm online. there aren't many active players. and the most i've seen was during an event. but, i really love the game. and some older members mention how active the game used to be, and i wish i could have joined during that time. i think that this game isn't lost, though, and i would like to see it become active again while i'm still playing. so pleasepleaseplease take this into consideration < 3

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    Default Ngl I would join if a fresh start server opens

    Nightsora at it again I see

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    Thumbs up New Server

    I feel like this would greatly improve the game as many people are already max level and have no idea what to do. If there's a reset, More people would likely come back from quitting since they can restart all over again, collecting everything.

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    Thumbs up Please do

    Hi, new player here. Would LOVE if they did some sort of reset so everyone can relive the moments of playing of Lucent Heart from the beginning. It would give new players like me (or even bring a lot of more new ones) to sort of level up and learn how to play Lol.

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    Default Would'nt hurt to try...

    Being a player who left the game for -unspecified- reasons 3 years ago... I've come back many times to see a dead world with no one talking and minimal people actively doing anything. If a new server were to arise I would definitely start up again and play the game. When I use to play I had a lot of fun with guildmates and messing around but if I log on now, no one is online, ever... I think that's really sad, so why not try to give it a restart. What is the worst that could happen?

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