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Thread: A suggestion to improve the conversion site

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    Default A suggestion to improve the conversion site


    I just wanted to suggest if you could add a search engine in the conversion site so we can find the items easier. Pictures and characteristics of the items would also help as not all are displayed in the game.


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    Q: How to search?
    A: Press "Ctrl + F", a small box will appear and you can write in whatever item you are looking for, if it is not in the shop, it will also not give results.

    Q: Please add pictures
    A: I think there are too many items, but in reality all the best items can be found at ex-EM Luffy's facebook site (Including pictures and names).

    Here are the links for Cards and Suits

    as for weapons, you can use the atlas in-game to view everything that is available with pictures and stats.
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    @ChristieFX i know what you mean. Would be great if someone at least update that big list of items (Suits, Cards, Weapon). We already know that Atlas is not update.
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