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Thread: Ya'll I have 32,000 mileage points and I cant use them?

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    Question Ya'll I have 32,000 mileage points and I cant use them?

    OK so look i have 32k mp on MAT and now there is no mp shop so i was thinking can i use those points on tickets to get items??

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    You could try, I've requested a revamped store quite a while ago now but nothing has been done it seems.

    However, I doubt you'll be able to get items through tickets using your mileage points as then it would mean everyone should be able too and tickets would be flooded with item requests which was the reason why the SP-GP bonus conversion site exists, to stop the flood of tickets.
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    @SnuggleBear Good luck with that. We were trying to set a new list of Items for that list. But, welp as you can see... nothing happens.
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