What's up with the Luna Online:Reborn managers and moderators? the players have been waiting for more than 8 months for a calendar of events, new parcher, more motivation of the administrators, etc so that this game does not appear dead and the new players do not get bored , there are several players above level 100 that can not continue rising level by restriction, we need new maps, new dungeons, pvp events and more if the game does not become very boring, imagine that the only day where we really activate is for Guild tournament the other days are practically the same let bot, love, buy potions and go back to bot this really I do not see the grace I've been playing 2 years and the truth is that I always wake up waiting for some facebook notification, please algan something about it devotenle a time to the game there are always people new but they go up a bit and then they leave because the game seems dead and some old players are coming out for the same hopefully this will come and pay more attention.
Thank you