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    Hi guys i have some suggestions for the game.
    remove the 3 wp caps and take finish to the glitches fun..
    remove the survival fixes.
    remove the fixes from ra-pierce, pierce-mm and prob-pierce, leave only the fixed bandit, is much ez peoples full def-eva play with those items...
    remove the high lvl engines from ag, leave only the A-x and the lvl 100 engine.
    remove all items e14 or e15 because they were probably made with glitch.
    open a shop with SG gambles, eprots, wipes, def cards and free eva cards.
    add new countours, charms in the cash shop and charge a price tag, that is, charge more for consumer items and less for permanent items.
    close the IF and open a specific shop where it is possible to buy if charms and turkeys charms with wp's.
    increase the gain of wp per sp, especially for those who have membership.
    remove the auction as it will be unnecessary.
    And add a system to block the use of sandboxie.
    Make a system to town players/alts in enemy maps when SP's spawn...
    And a system to town peoples who stay dead more than 5min in SP map, or fight or fight...
    Remove amounts of WP's superior than 1m, more than it should be suspected glitch..
    These measures could stimulate PVP and eliminate alts.

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    Post I suggest

    I suggest too have an Guard that can 1 hit every player that camped on warp soo that we have a fair war soo that others will not AFK and bored while waiting to destroyed the SP thanks GM hope you will change it

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    I agree all tica said, but the system to guard warp just will run fine if remove the survivals..
    the 3 wp caps are a sick in game, some peoples abuse it to make wp glitch..
    and those pierçe fix the guys play FULL DEF & EVA and use itens with those fix, its make the gameplay atm surreal (i mean bad) cuz you have a OP def-eva with no att points and still with pierçe as well wtf... not normal..

    i hope the support change it..

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    Roll back to ep 3

    Problem solved.

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    You have to know that most of those things are impossible to do right?
    I dont believe they care about this game anymore aside performing maintenance to give us feel that they care
    Oh yeah and I forgot, solving tickets keeps it alive too
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    Unhappy ????

    Quote Originally Posted by Michier View Post
    You have to know that most of those things are impossible to do right?
    Ofc... And we know why...

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