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Thread: not recieving items

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    Default not recieving items

    Hello, i had 1125 Subapoints left and bought 2x Extreme crystals wich came down to a total of 1000 Subapoints the page said ''payment succesfull take your items from the item distributor.'' but he says there is nothing there even though the points have been taken off. ive tried reloggin a couple of time with no result. and something that confuses me about the store is this.
    for example the Extreme crystals it says 500SP - 8 Item(s) does that mean if i buy a quantity of 1 Extreme crystal (500SP) that means i get 8 crystals? i never quite understood this.

    extra info : i bought the crystals at around 14:15 ~ 14:30 if that helps.

    and sorry if this is in the wrong topic but i thought this would be the best one.

    Kind regards,


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    a few days late. but i recieved the crystals. i was impatient on my end. can remove this thread. or idk if i can remove it

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