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Thread: A bias Gm who loves a scammer from BCU

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    Default A bias Gm who loves a scammer from BCU

    I dont care if you banned me all i want is fairness .. but you let my friends know how in-competent are you. You let the scammer transfer to bCu and used my 2 eppe v5. Are you a game master or a stubborn **** **** GMbias.jpgbias.jpg you better be like _kal and scam you will surely regret what you done suba!!

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    l m a o

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    Default ????

    Ask the wp glitchers to gave you a new one..

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    Default haha

    gg GM. if Suba does not help players, then ACE ONLINE should be DEAD. Your already lost 2 loyaty gamers

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    thanks .

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