Since some time, i'm trying to roll back the 15/20 mod bonus on a costume.

It seems that we can't reroll bonus anymore.

Here is some explanation :
if you delevel and lvl 16/20 costume to 15/20 : the last bonus stay, but if you come back to 16/20, it doesn't go up in value. In my case, the last bonus is phy atk +1%. It stays at +1% on the delevelled cossie and stays at +1% if i come back to 16/20.

I tried to delevel the costume to 14/20. The phy atk +1% bonus stays visible. It stays at +1% when I level it back to 15/20 and at +1% if I goes up to 16/20.

The fact we can't reroll stat now is it a bugfix, or is that new behavior a bug?

Thanks for your help.