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Thread: Tailor Schemes

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    Question Tailor Schemes

    Hi guys!

    I have actually been wondering about something for quite a long time now.
    I did my research on lh jp wiki but I don't think it helped much since I'm not sure if the info is just the same as in suba so...
    It's about the tailor schemes? I took a liking to the other armor sets (low or high levels) and I really want to find out where I can get them, dungeon, mob and whatnot. The wiki doesn't help much, really... Or maybe, I'm looking it the wrong way.

    I did try out farming the schemes from said dungeon but it was a futile effort.

    So, is there like, a guide here about where you can get/ find the schemes that you're looking for...?
    Not just the schemes for the armors.. I'm also looking for the ones for weapons and such...

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    Lightbulb Names, names...

    Armors > Pattern.
    Weapons > Schematic.

    Right, I remember the right names now... lol.

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    LH JP WIKI is the only guide I'm aware of and I played this game for about 4 years. Someone could assist you better if you mentioned a specific schematic. Outside of that, just take your time to learn how to navigate JP wiki site. 95% of the item's I wanted to farm, I figured out where to farm from referencing that site. The other 5% was asking a friend or zoning for help on specific item's/scheme's I wanted to farm.

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