Maintenance has concluded and we have applied a patch. We have also applied a double EXP and Drop server boost for this week. Please see the following patch notes:
-Vanity Pet Treasure Box can now summon 2 pets at a time. (Must be 2 different types of pets. For example: Unicorn and Sprite)
-Stat boosts are now displayed as percentages on equipment and in the Status menu.
-Added a Prestige system where players can earn different types of fame. Players acquire Eversun City fame by completing “Finding Cats and Dogs,” “Four Lords of Eversun,” “Pinball League Event,” and “Eversun Elder”
-Players can acquire Fireworks fame by summoning monsters on the Firework map
-Players can check their total prestige at the bulletin board in Eversun City (116x, 260y)
-Trader girl can exchange fame for prizes
-Added VIP raid instance "True Tigerman" which is available to those who have access the the VIP map.
-Players have a chance to obtain a Mini Tigerman vanity pet for defeating True Tigerman.
-Increased stack sizes to 1000 for 1-Carat Purple Diamond and Phoenix's Tear +1
-Added items which will be added to live server later today. Details coming soon.

We'll also be tallying the votes for the DOMOvengers Facebook post that went on last week. We'll be randomly drawing and announcing the two winners tomorrow!