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Thread: Low Aging Fails and Lost Items

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    Default Low Aging Fails and Lost Items

    About an hour ago I was aging two low level items. The first one was from +3 to +4. I got a message stating that the "Aging Failed," and my item disappeared. That shouldn't happen. So I proceeded to do the next one, from +2 to +3. THAT one failed as well and it also disappeared! There was no disconnection. I've relogged a few times to check and the items are still gone.

    I won't be making a ticket to get my meager things back, though I probably should submit the bug.

    Not sure what kind of monkey business is going on but now I need to get a new wand and gauntlets for one of my Priestesses. I may have something stored on other characters and will begin checking.

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    Thumbs up Thank You

    I'm sorry that I'm a few months late with this.

    As an update, my situation was handled and everything was restored after sending a ticket. Although I didn't experience a disconnection that evening, maybe my "sketchy at times" internet connection had something to do with whatever happened.

    Anyway, thanks for taking care of things. Hope I didn't come across as being too bent out of shape. It gave me a reason to check out the Martial Artist a little bit, though.

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    Default lol it's back.

    Low age fails are back. I have had about 5 so far since I returned to the game.


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