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Thread: Will the developers ever revitalize this game?

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    Question Will the developers ever revitalize this game?

    I know the GMs are doing their part but what are the developers doing? I want to play this game again so bad, I have so many fond memories playing this game it makes me depressed when I log in to play some ghost mode and there's only a population of 16 something people -.-
    I remember leaving this game due to the shock sniper rifle they added for the dragon pve mode that wasn't restricted to pvp so people would just spam it at spawn and it was annoying as hell, I know it's been said before but it was essentially in-game hacks you could buy straight from the developers...and there were a lot of changes to the game that were cool at the time but only added to the disadvantage new players already had against experienced players with purchased and earned items

    I just can't wrap my head some of the choices the developers made like adding cars and a battle game mode that was sub-par to be honest, the marriage thing was a bit unconventional but the game mode associated with it was pretty fun at the time. The pet thing was a somewhat cool addition to the game but it was a bit of an eye sore seeing everyone's pets beside them in-game, idk maybe I'm just being to picky but It just feels like they had a working business model that could have been successful for years to come but instead of improving on it they added more unneeded things until the game was essentially a confused mess of a FPS...I'm sure it's quite possible that people would come back to this game if the developers actually cared enough to implement some solid changes, I know me and my buddy certainly would come back

    I know this post was a bit of a mess itself but I had to get it off my chest cause this was one of my favorite games...I guess all we can do is wait and hope the developers release a long-awaited patch
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    couldn't agree more man

    they keep saying new patch is coming etc but it never came

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    I agree with most of your lines. And we are hand tied without the Devs help.

    We are few people who actually keep trying to get the game alive.
    Is me... Moshy

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