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Thread: MAT 2 ? But It is hosted in Malaysia?

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    Question MAT 2 ? But It is hosted in Malaysia?

    I keep seeing stuff on facebook about MAT 2 and I downloaded it, but the server is in Malaysia... Not good for me since I live in the USA.

    Is THIS version (subagames) still being updated or...? Should I find something else to play...?

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    Subagames is indeed the NA version of the game. It is suppose to receive monthly updates, however there was an internal change inside the developer, kingsoft a few months ago which has affected subagames MAT.

    The game has not been updated for the past 6 months or so. However, the next update is supposedly going to fix a lot of issues but with no confirmed release date, and 6 months + without any content update is a long time..
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    Expectative; SubaGames MAT = MAT 2.0
    Reality; All the things that @Jazzyjaz1 said. Sadly that's the actual situation.
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