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Thread: Recreating the LH Restart Project: Fantasia

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    Exclamation Recreating the LH Restart Project: Fantasia

    Hey. The restart project that I planned out was mainly for my guildmates. My guildmates did not like the way things were going in the restart project, thus they have asked me to remake the project. If they're leaving, I'm leaving. Therefore, I have passed the lead to Sora.

    Instead, my guildmates and I are re-creating a new restart project, guild name Fantasia. It will be separate from Sora's project. Our rules are quite different to maintain the restart-from-scratch and team aspect of the game. Most of the people in the restart project are new to the game but veterans are also welcomed to join as well. We're trying to make it more challenging with the regulations we have set up. We are not aiming to rush levels and we are not looking for competition. Honestly, this was one of the main reasons why there were two guilds in the restart project. Reboot was full of newbies, whereas Rebooty is full of veterans who are mainly rushing levels. It's really up to your preference.

    If you're interested in joining, join this server:

    *If you have not seen the previous post before, here is a quick summary about the project: This is a player-planned out project. We are making our own project for fun by playing Lucent heart from scratch again. The means of this is to play LH in a challenging way again considering the fact it is so easy to reach level 80 with power level and all the broken aspects of the game such as buff pets, hera dungeon, etc.
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