Hey PT Fam,

It's that time again. Come support your fellow Siggy artists by voting for your favorite siggy here: https://forms.gle/tYqCEb2zTAaAeRrG6

**Here are the rules for voting**:
1) Everyone can vote!
2) You may not vote for yourself.
3) You may not vote from multiple characters or accounts. Each person can only vote once.
4) Violating votes will be removed, and if you submitted art, your art will be disqualified from winning any prize
5) Last but not least, have fun, because each player who votes will receive a **__FREE 1 day phoenix pet__**!

**Here are the prizes**:
1st place: 30-day 100% EXP pot
2nd place: 30-day premium service
3rd place: Mechanic Costume Box

**Voting is open**: May 25th - May 31st 2019