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    Lightbulb Lucent Heart Restart

    So hey guys, i was thinkin while playin some pubg that it would be really cool to get all the old lh players to play again. I think everyone should start at level 1 and not plvl even though we will anyway, also i was thinkin i should team up with another lh vet, you know so its not so hard? hope that doesn't fall out. Oh also id like everyone to show up about a month or two after everyones gathered so we can weed out who really wants to stay by making them wait. You know, maybe i shouldn't start this but if im going to let everyone down i might as well waste there time as well, so what do you guys think? Im super down and it wont fail at all i promise!

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    Default I totally agree owo/

    that's a pree good idea. i'm up for it since it's another opportunity to bring LH back to life. even tho not a lot of 'em would be joining, it would be really fun even if a few ppl who really wanna play this game will go for it . and gradually more ppl might show up too. who knows? since it's for the best why not give it a try? i'm hoping for the best! not like we gonna lose anything by doing this...i'd say just go for it!!

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    Thumbs up o/

    I'm just waiting for the eventual re-release as buy-to-play with "no pay to win" on steam or something. It seems to be the craze these days... I'd gladly pay for a copy as long as the microtransactions were purely cosmetic. None of those stupid pets and buffs that make the game a boring cakewalk and make everyone look like a walking light show.
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    Yo I like this idea : )

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