You don't get admin and big code rewrites on a game that makes no money. You get basic gameplay resolution. The problem was entirely how they began the game. It was so flawed, they lost the excited fan base, and never made big bucks.

There are two resolutions to this: create a weekly (dance off - costume based, bamboo outfit kill (create a regular 1% drop of chicken or kobald outfit piece and increase it to 5% for the event)) and monthly (bring back the dragon slay with RANDOM not damage rare drops - with mostly 100% random full stone drops, a 1% chance of a costume piece, a 5% mount drop, a 10% 5 star pet, and 15% 4 star pet) auto event that requires no attention, and find the biggest complaint (ie grinding and offer a pay to play resolution that actually works like a 200% increase which would triple your exp for 1 hour.)

Paying attention to the introductory base would make money and allow admin to focus on bringing back levels 100-150, mont blanc port, missing Nera music, etc. What you're seeing is a building half built and renovators who bought the demolished property with the intent of bringing it back only to find they were out of dough.

Seeing dex fixed would be the biggest advantage and would likely be the VERY LAST update. We might see Treasure Hunter rogue job and monster drops before a dex resolution. Dex can break the game so easily. Granted, the classes are not designed to be equal. Part of the fun is seeing weak support classes healing others or heavy tanks with very little hit power. I'm not sure how much this worry actually matters here. This game is not about equality. It's about following your heart and having fun with your dream build.

That being said, where the heart matters, attention is needed. A few routine heartfelt events, an in-game translator, and notices of minor bug updates would be a big deal here.

Alas, I'm dreaming and I know it. I've played so many games and never spent money because none compared to this one. This was my home. Just like pet society. I miss the days before luna plus although I like the majins thrown in at level 1.

One more thing. LET PEOPLE CHOOSE FROM 3 SKIN TONES. Dude. Bringing in blacks as demons was harsh man. Even majin demons should get a skintone... I know the artsy coding involved would be insane but that's like a basic expectation we had when plus came out and it was a huge let down. XD Plus killed luna.