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    Unhappy Purified Water

    I only plus 7 my armour yet I just threw out 20000, that's 20k stone shards, unable to construct purely due to lack of purified water. I destruct most of my boxes just to get water yet I am throwing out a lot of stone pieces. Should I just throw them all out until level 100? I could just hoard water? Why hasn't anyone fixed the bug with Tastartia in Alker? She should sell purified water because it's needed just as much as potions are needed. 10 daily water from the daily scroll is great but it's a drop in the bucket of the amount that's needed. Destructing boxes isn't fun. It takes a long time to open them just to destroy them. Where did the fun go? Can someone please put the purified water back in Tastartia's store in alker? I need 10000 daily water to enjoy using stones... Even if I bought inventory space, nothing could hold the shards I'm getting but unable to use.
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