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    Question What's Missing?

    Can't combine potions. First thing I noticed as a new player was how much inventory they took up but I was afraid to throw them out because I hadn't learned where to buy them and cost was a factor early game. Later game they were useless. Old Luna let us combine potions... via construct?

    Can't make armour. Early game, dropping pieces of cloth to make a robe was exciting. It guaranteed a good item. That's also how I learned to reinforce early on with 100 gem shards. Now you can only buy with random plus enchant and stats. Before level 20 it doesn't matter but by the Zakandia Bears I should think the drops would begin.

    No trades before level 25? Are we trying to force away new players? As a hardcore gamer, I can make a second char and get them to level 25 in one or two days, so this prevents nothing. All it does is ruin the game for newbs.

    WHERE ARE THE COOKING MATERIALS? YOU USED TO BE ABLE TO BUY THEM. I am constantly running out of recipes and this is just level 50.

    What's the point of a rogue? Literally? Dex is broken. Ignoring that, Treasure Hunter was the best and helped ensure Alker Shops, which no one needs now. Either no one will sell it to you or everyone has too much of it.

    Wings limited timeframe at level 25... Mounts were faster but basic slow wings were permanent. That was the point of buying a mount. I don't mind dropping mount stones since I can switch it between chars but you've eliminated the desire to purchase a better item. Talk about losing money.

    Pets have gone wild! Great! I think we ought to start with a random 1 Star drop, not just Slimes. It's kind of boring to see every newb with a slime. Why are almost all the pets magic attack? There's no pet balance?

    Where are the rides? The ones we would drop because our inventory wasn't as hoarded. We would put them up in Zakandia and random fields and charge people to ride them. It was fun! The Alker rides are cool but they only last 15 minutes and there are none anywhere else.

    Where are the costumed dance events?! Every two weeks there should be an event! You could follow a script of dance moves by putting them in your skill bar! They could be weather or holiday or just theme related! That's 24 dance events per year. That would get people wanting new costumes! Hello buyers!

    No holiday events? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter? A day for lovers? Every MMORPG has the basics. They have nothing to do with country or religion and everything to do with special drops, community, teaming up, meeting new people! Every other week, opposite the dance event, should be one of these! They'd never change. Year after year, same event, but always we would play.

    Where is the bamboo event? There was a chance to drop a chicken or kobald outfit piece that only lasted a limited time. It was fun seeing chicken head and body with kobald hands and feet. The high levels always showed off their mixed suit pieces.

    WHERE IS THE DRAGON EVENT? The giant dragon with permanent pay to play rare drops at random for like 10 players out of 300 or 500 that showed? Complete gems would drop in mystery boxes for everyone! Outfits set pieces would drop! You could sell them sealed in Alker!!!! They only lasted a limited time. People would sell their mystery boxes for a high price!

    Grinding. It's because dex is broken. It takes a lot longer to get good shots, dodge is not as often, miss is more. I think it could be fixed with a paid 200% or 300% exp increase scroll but I think free to play players would be sad. I should not have to bot all night long to increase my level. I want to play all the jobs for mage and rogue and warrior. If it takes two months with my computer burning out to get to the top, and there are 17 possible, that's 3 years to finish the game. THAT'S ASSUMING I MAKE NO MISTAKES. Which is why you sell reset scrolls. Reset sp skills, reset C stats, and reset tp skills. You have those 3?

    Bot play has taken over. That's ok if you want everyone to get bored and leave. Botting should be optional. Not necessary.

    No entertainment. No new releases. No events. No rare pay to play item drops. No outfit pieces. No housing pieces. TOO MANY BEDS. I AM NOT RUNNING AN INN. Make it a random drop of 10 plain pieces. A box drop. Open for a surprise. Sell in shops if desired. We could buy permanent pieces too. How do you expand your house even?

    No rare drops from bosses. No plus 10 enchanted robe for example. The good drops that get sold in shops in Alker are gone. Even if people dropped them, they would want purified water, and that screws other players and the community. This version eliminates community almost entirely. It's a solo game now.

    Luna was about following your heart, your class included, and stats were never equal. A healer had no power but decent defense much like a tank. A tank could not kill but could not die. We needed parties. We relied on each other. We shared drops. We gave and sold. Eliminating purified water in Tasartia's shop destroyed that.

    Dungeons got easier due to solo play didn't they? My old healer never could have made it through a dungeon alone. I did in this version.

    Mounts are bugged. You appear to move. Then you end up way back somewhere you ran through.

    Levels should reach 150? Where's the end of the game?

    Crashes a lot. Server disconnections are common here.

    Art and graphics are still incredible for being so basic.

    Where is Mont Blanc Port? That was my favorite place... From what I remember, it was only PK, and super scary but amazing to go there. I'd like it back with options to PK or not. Ended up grinding more without the Mont Blanc quests.

    Nera music is gone?!

    Tower in Alker only works for level 40s Easy. Rest of the levels are gone. No portal once you walk in. That's really the only way to level up late game.


    ..... :

    Majins have 3 play options but one weapon. That's the same as the old game... Weird.

    Matching is too limited. It still has a gender block. Females can't match females, males can't match males. It's hard enough to find someone your level. Not to mention, prejudice much?

    No skin tones. Still. In 2019. No choice in skin tone and blacks are majin demons whereas whites are humans and glorious peaceful elves. Ouch. Really expected... more at this point. Hahaha but the game is old. Race and species were confused easily back then. Without the original game, it is hard to advance the content. This is definitely a shadow of the former Luna so I doubt it makes enough money to add content.


    I can see why almost no one plays. Lack of content. Lack of interaction. Lots of broken or missing pieces. I still love this game but I expect it to allow me to play quickly and easily when it is this broken. Let me explore if there is no hope of revival. Either get rid of the grinding or increase the features reminiscent of the old version and truly revive it. Not reborn as a new game. That's why the original gaming systems were so great. When an old game returned or was found or sold, nothing had changed.
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    Unhappy Can you roll out Celestia Luna with Luna Reborn Combined?

    If you play Celestia Luna, you see everything that is missing like Time Orbs for playing. I wish Celestia Luna had bot and you could click map to run. I also hate Celestia Luna graphics. Celestia Luna is the old game with a new layout. I want the old layout like this wonderful Suba Games Luna but with Celestia Luna game play.

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