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Thread: Quest Issue

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    Exclamation Quest Issue

    Lvl 57.
    Fragment of Memories Quest.
    Source: Howling Ravine via Kelradrion, and then via Luna in Alker.
    Goal: 5 Orc Chief Elders.
    Location: Moon Blind Forest.

    Issue: wrong location. Moon Blind Forest has only Orcs.

    Swamp: Orc Archers and Orc Warriors.
    Red Orc Outpost: Outpost Orc Archer, Outpost Orc Warrior, Outpost Orc Shaman, Boss Orc Warchief, and bosses...
    The Way to the Howling Ravine: -
    Ghost Tree Swamp: ?
    Fairy Valley: ?
    Howling Caves: ?

    Where are Orc Chief Elders?

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    The answer is, of course, the Howling Ravine.

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    And yet that's wrong. Those are cyclops. So... where does this quest lead? Do I abandon it?
    Pk channel... monsters are no different.

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    Default Swamp boss!

    Bingo! It's the boss in collapse path in the swamp! Not the forest! :xd:

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