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Thread: can't get into game

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    Default can't get into game

    hello, i just downloaded and installed the latest game client 3.21.2 in windows 10. when i launch the game it will try to update
    then it get stuck at the next screen
    for a bit (stays at 1/25776) and exist out.
    if i try to run the game again it goes into the same loop.
    anyone have any idea how to fix? thank you in advance!

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    Default did you find a fix? having the same issue

    did you find a fix? having the same issue

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    Please download the full v3216 client from here:
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    i dowloaded latest content from link and im still unable to get this game running again I get to the update like the original post then the games just dies off( kept trying and now its working, sorry for false alarm)
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