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Thread: V3216 Patch Notes

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    Default V3216 Patch Notes

    Hey everyone ! Maintenance has concluded and you can now update and log in.

    Patch notes:

    Anticheat! We are now working with XIGNCODE to protect the game.

    If you have having issues updating the game, you can grab the manual patch here:

    Extract the zip and copy and paste the contents into your Pristontale Folder.


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    The first link is a 404 not found error.

    The 2nd link works


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    Thanks for letting us know! We've updated the post accordingly.

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    Red face Hello, GM

    Hi, GM

    Today 7/20, I download PT, and finished the install, but when it updates, it's no use!
    likes following, o(T.T )o,
    I think, maybe my version is too old, then I got V3216 patch, still no work
    What should I do? Thank~

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    Default With me the same thing

    With me the same thing...

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    Unhappy Help gm

    The game does not update. What do I do?

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    Noob GM, can't make the faking game work without <promotional> </promotional>
    God damn, autralia save canada.

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    Update doesn't work, Please fix!!!!

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    Default When Update Patch start working again?

    I been try to login the game for almost a month now still unable to play game down load new path update not working. I have try uploaded v3216 client install from website at that is still not working for me. Did anyone got any luck get in the game?

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    Pristontale 3216 Full Client @pristonworld worked for me, but it's really annoying to imagine how much new friends we will never see because SUBA can't solve this bug.

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