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Thread: Decided... This game is not worth the frustration.

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    Angry Decided... This game is not worth the frustration.

    After spending 4 days trying to level up my healer mage from 58 to 59 while killing monsters two levels higher than me with scrolls and paragon and recipes for EXTRA EXP GAIN TO LEVEL UP FASTER, I'm at 81%, and I have come to the conclusion that this may be the worst version of luna ever created. No one would stick around for this. I can totally understand why the mods use whatever bugs they find. They're not in charge of fixing the bugs (just reporting them) and frankly the bugs don't actually matter here. As like the most taken advantage of player, being completely weak, I usually complain. WHAT YOU NEED IS AN OVERHAUL! FROM START TO FINISH! When did Luna go so wrong? And why is SO MUCH OF THE GAME MISSING OR BROKEN??? Ignoring the bugs, the very baseline of the game is damaged!
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    legit any private servers gunna be better.. .

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