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Thread: Trade/buy gold in diffferent PC MMO Games

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    Default Trade/buy gold in diffferent PC MMO Games

    Hi I have played serveral classic(maybe) MMO Games on PC.
    Because they are old and dead games , it's hard to farm gold.
    So i want to trade or buy from you guys,here are games i am playing( or quit soon, who knows ) :
    Path of Exile(PC only)
    I want these items : Exalted Orb,Chaos Orb,Orb of Fusing
    Lineage 2
    I was in 4 classic servers , but quitted two few days ago.So i just need adena in ADEN and Talking Island now.
    WOW Private servers NetherWing and DragonBlight
    Yes I know Classic server will be opened soon, but it's almost 1 month left.

    So if you are interested in this part, you can send me message here or contact me on:
    discord :AOA WTB#9618
    I will reply you when i see it .
    Thanks mate !

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    I'm already selling some adena on Giran and Talking Island.
    You can't get rich like 2-3 years ago, but people still buying gold and adena so you can make little profits.
    If you also want to sell some adena check this site

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