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Thread: stop to play pt 4 ever lvl 90+ givaaway

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    Default stop to play pt 4 ever lvl 90+ givaaway

    now i know what the problem was all my items break or deage i was canceling last jear cause all items deaged an breaked on low lvl like +14+13 totady i tryed again aging and again item lost so its to hard to get this items and i have no time for this

    disappointments so i want to give this ackound away for free anyone will be happy with it some milage point on it some sp on it many nice lvl 80 items and 300kk gold i hope one young people comes and get it have fun with this .

    for me, the game was a single time-robber and absolutely disappointing. maybe someone else has more fun with it so far I wish the community all the best and continue to have fun at Pristontale

    frist wrider get this ackound 4 present

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    Just messaged you

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    Default Real?

    Is this available?


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