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    Default Kingdom Heros 2

    Looking for information on Kingdom heros 2 , Its been posted on Steam TBA by SubaGames, yet there is nothing here about it ?? Really looking forward to this any info would be nice , Thanks!

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    I would like to know as well.

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    Default Advertise this release...

    They need to get ahead of the advertising on this release, not going to bring many new faces in if they arent hyping it! So if anyone reads this, spread the word.

    For all those first time players, this MMO is quite different then the normal boring Asian imported lame mmo game.

    Yes the "quests" are a bit tedious and repetitive but, those who are a fan of the 3 kingdoms history and mythos you may enjoy the sentiment.There is alot of automated grinding involved to farm items and level, however the inclusion of troops that will fight alongside your character will help your grinding be more simplistic and kind of fun. These same troops can be promoted to different classes as you lvl them and progress further in the game, giving them new and more powerful gear and skills.

    The real winner of this game is the epic style of war, planning/strategizing within your kingdom and your clan in order to attack cities and strongholds. This is where this game is different from so many other games, a quality you wont find in any other games past or present. At the very start your given the choice of choosing one of the Legendary 3 Kingdoms Wei,Wu,Or Shu (and later in game you can even found your own Kingdom). This is not a permanent choice as you can leave your starting kingdom and if your a guild leader your entire clan can switch sides. This may sound treacherous for those who believe in loyalty but, makes it easier to stabilize the world powers if need be. Got a overpowered faction?, well just like historic 3 kingdoms dont be to cocky "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Plotting and betrayal is what the 3 kingdoms was all about and dont expect much difference in this game, some for the better and some for the worse. Oh the "top" clan left our Kingdom, well its time to riseup and become better, Let's make our Kingdom Great again, and prove ourselves. This game has a way to pull you in and get you invested and competitive.


    The mechanics of war is pretty simple, you basically run around with your kingdom on the massive world map, Fighting for, claiming, and defending villages, large cities,and Harbors for your Kingdom. This done by reaching the town center and fighting off other enemy players as you destroy the town center statue. Larger cities require you to take down the town walls gate(s) either by full force attacking it with your character/troops or using siege weapons before entering the city. There is also navy battles at which you can sail ships around the map attacking harbors or secretly sailing to strategic locations to surprise attack an unsuspecting city. Once destroying the statue your clan or kingdom will claim it as there own territory. Once the war event is over these owned cities/harbors will be able to generate a tax of gold for the owned clans. Gold can be distributed to the clan members or used to upgrade the clans lvl allowing better siege weapons and other benefits. Also owned cities can be upgraded, stronger walls, town statues, and anti siege weapons and traps that are placed along the city walls.

    Things to do with other players!
    Asides from war there is plenty of other things you can do with your clan and other players. Such as guild quests(helps lvlup your clan)Dungeons, mini boss hunting, and world bosses. All three of which can give special drops for defeating bosses, such as epic gear(weapons and armor) skill tomes(for troops and your character) special mounts (Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh my!) as well as special troop promotions (from a dancer troop to wolf riders) and during instance events you can even get a defeated bosses essence in which your character is transformed into one of the many Legendary 3 Kingdoms Heroes with extremely strong special attacks for a time period. Running all over the map with your clan mates battling bosses will give hours of fun and anticipation of what you might get from that next boss drop! This is just a few of the many things you can do in this game with others.

    Who should or shouldn't play this game

    To me this game is all about team work makes the dream work. If your more of a solo player who does not like interacting or participating with others (anti social) this game will probably not offer up the best experience for you. There is alot you can do solo such a mini boss hunting, and missions, but unless your a super fan of The 3 kingdoms history and folklore the story has little to offer but confusion and the missions are very repetitive, kill this many of this, delivery this message to this person, gathering this many of a item and so on.

    Those who are graphic fanatics will find this games graphics are outdated at best, but, still provide those who are willing to look past the graphic shortcomings to respect the overall scenery of the lands and cities, as there are some truly remarkable sites.

    This game is a diamond in the rough, a one of a kind gem for those who dont take things to serious but still are competitive. Overall this game is worth checking out and seeing if its worth your time!

    Join the Discord group linked above and meet some great people and learn more about the game and updates about its future release! Spread the word!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hungrysirnhj4aU View Post
    Addictive game. best action games, try playing happy wheels.
    Not sure why you posted this here, not relative to the topic.

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    Lightbulb Gimme news!? :d

    Still no info here ?

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    i've played kingdom heroes aeria games for a long time.i'm 32 now and i was a gamer almost all my life. but the time i spent in this game and the people i met back then was the best i have ever had in any online game! for years i've been following news in hope to hear a company get this awesome game back to life again. and i saw this! i cant believe my eyes! is this true?! the best online game of all time is returning?! i cant wait to play it again! oh nostalgia!!!

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