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Thread: Mana question.

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    Default Mana question.

    (away for years)
    I see now special mana pots in potlady shop, but peopple keep selling 50k mana; can you explain me why please?

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    The special potions in the shop seem to be leftover items from a recent event. Each time I've tried to buy any recently, i've been disconnected from the game; so have other people, from what I've seen posted on the forum previously.
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    I see ^^ thank you

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    Default special mana / mystic mana

    we inherited the special mana pots from kpt
    but mystic mana pots on ept were already tweaked about 2 years ago to have the larger capacity
    if GM changes mystic mana back to the old size it will be a mess
    so we have two sizes the same
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