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    Hello. I want to choose a headset. The headset of my dream looks like this:

    - Headphones with large cups to sit around the ears, and that the ears do not sweat and do not get tired. Sound insulation is not particularly important.

    - The microphone is preferably directed so that the noise of a teapot is not audible. Not sure that there are such, but tell me

    - The quality of the sound itself is not so important, as long as the high frequencies do not tear the membranes, as in very cheap science devices

    - if they also look will be classically, and not luminous or acid colors as from films about the future, then it will be quite topich

    While I tend to such SYBA P3200

    Or to the Razer Kraken Pro V2, although they don’t really like it, they look heavy and uncomfortable.

    Thanks for any comments.

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    Default nobita

    Your article is very meticulous and impressive for me, I hope to get more good posts.
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